29 November 2008

handmade escape

I'm hoping most of you survived Black Friday by curling up at home and avoiding the malls, but for those of you adventurous enough to grab some 4am doorbusters, Godspeed.

You may have noticed the "Buy Handmade" button on my sidebar. Buy handmade this holiday season. Not exclusively and not excessively, but take the time to explore some local and not-so-local artisans and their craft. I'm betting most of us will be cutting back our holiday spending this year, whether because of troubles with investments and 401Ks, growing costs and expenses, underemployment and paycuts or the sudden onslaught of student loan payments. Sounds grim, but I think we are being presented with an opportunity to reconfigure our holiday traditions. Instead of piles of presents under the tree, maybe there will be just one, thoughtful and well-crafted treat. We are being forced to reevaluate our spending-- where we shop, how we shop, why we shop.

Many people have said this better than me-- Buy Handmade, The Gentle Art of Domesticity, Handmade Nation, folks at Etsy and all over the web.

(BTW, this was supposed to be my party skirt-- before things went terribly wrong. Oh well, it was just an old skirt from high school that I hacked up for fun. C'est la vie.)

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