20 November 2008

Prescription for Brightening a Dreary Month, aka

Avoiding the Realization that Winter Hasn't Even Officially Started Yet It's Definitely Dark and Cold, aka
Who Even Wants to Go on a Tropical Vacation, anyway?
  • your landlord finally turned your heat to a consistent, reliable temperature and schedule
  • is there anything better in the world than when the afghan your making is finally big enough to keep you both warm and contentedly entertained on the couch?
  • spending lotsa time in your tiny kitchen because you can't play outside anymore, resulting in an oven-warmed apartment and continuous feasting
  • early nights
  • knowing that there is a silver lining to the economic hullabaloo
  • sam adams winter ale
  • martha stewart's holiday issue
  • giftmaking, cardmaking and pie-eating
  • trying to forget what is next on your netflix queue so every delivery feels like a surprise
  • i'll say it again, tights + scarves

1. Only Shallow 2. Sam Adams 3. Apple Crumb Pie by Me 4. The Market Bag by Moop 5. The Sartorialist 6. Plum Coat by Little Houses 7. Martha 8. Only Shallow 9. Butternut Squash Manicotti 10. Raw Brown Warmer by Yokoo 11. Martha 12. Chunky n' Cozy in White by Spratters and Jayne

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