14 December 2008

inventory shminventory!

The giveHANDMADE CRAFTSTRAVAGANZA was a good time. Worth all of the crazed sewing leading up to it. Here's some of the inventory we brought-- also, the show was in the most convenient of locations, a mere 2.5 minute walk from our apartment. Love.

And you lucky ducks will get the sloppy seconds! Expect a Market + Etsy update with some goodies soon!

(More craft show photos will be over at flickr as I get them.)


  1. i hope you made a lot of sales...god knows the state needs the sales tax revenues badly!!!

  2. wow everything looks so awesome! i can't wait to hear how it all went! wish i could have come by, instead i thought it would be fun to shove my way through thousands of strangers in rockefeller center to see the result of NY's annual homicide... jk, i love xmas trees. real or fake but you can prob guess which i prefer... my parents get three real ones each year. ANYHOO, sorry i missed ur show but next time, maybe i can offer my sales skills from my shoe-selling days.. u know, if things get too hectic and u need to start hiring. ;)


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