19 December 2008

snowy weekend

This is much better than the ice storm last week.* At least I imagine it will be, we were somehow left virtually unaffected by the ice that romped most of the Northeast, even though towns 15 minutes away were without power and heat and other such things for days.

This type of storm begs for full-fat hot chocolate (maybe with some Bailey's), finishing up my afghan, reading trashy teen vampire romance novels plus other perfectly timed deliveries from amazon + finishing the last of my handmade Christmas gifts.

Here are the stockings I made for this year. Wish I still had a mantle for them.

* I know I won't be saying that when I have to shovel out my car, when I fall face down in the snow, when the joint baking weekend with Mom is cancelled and during a variety of other snow-related inconveniences. But it's prettier to watch snow falling than freezing rain. Just a fact.

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