22 January 2009

Autumn (Winter) Afghan, Completed!

At last! My first full-sized afghan is completed!

We started our Afghan Challenge back in September and I finished this about two weeks ago. Once it got big enough for me to cuddle under, my pace really slowed down because the afghan was already serving its purpose... so what's the rush? But eventually I realized it would be better to cuddle underneath it without a crochet hook sticking out and dozens of yarn ends flailing every which way so I finished 'er up.

I used the Coastal Ripple Afghan pattern from Lion Brand, with a few modifications. After making one too many prayer shawls using Homespun yarn (which, while delightful to the tactile senses, has been a bit overplayed in my past) I decided instead to use Vanna's Choice Solids from America's alleged favorite crocheter, as I've mentioned. All in all, it took around 5 skeins each of Rust and Mustard (gross-sounding combination) and 2 each of Dusty Blue and Pea Green. Yeah, it's a very hardy afghan-- super thick, a bit heavy and as you can see here, basically covers a full size bed (though it's more of a Curl Up On The Couch sort of blanket, not a bed blanket).

This is a monster afghan and I love it.

On Ravelry here.

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