13 January 2010

a new neck cozy or two

Oh what's that?

Just one of the armfuls of new neck cozies* I've posted on Etsy and will be bringing with me to this weekend's market. Yes, that sly look in my eye tells you there are plenty more of these magical accessories on the horizon. Or maybe that look just tells you that sometimes during photo shoots I make lots of silly smirks and winks and end up producing what is essentially a flip book of the range of my facial expressions.

*Still sounds gross, but I'm keeping it.


  1. I still think you should go with Neck Grossy accordingly. Happy 2010!

  2. I love my neck cozy, but am thinking another one would be a nice addition....such a great accessory. Now, just what color to order????

  3. very cute! love the plaid one.


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