28 January 2009

snowshoe for houses

I said BRRRRR it's cold in here.
There must be some snowshoein' in the atmosphere.

Oh sad, I've gone and refashioned a quote from a total B-List teen movie.

We'll be snowshoein' for Habitat this Sunday, before I paint my face in some color and stock up on Budweiser cans for the big game. Notice how I didn't mention a face-painting color... because for the life of me I couldn't tell you a thing about the SuperBowl. I just know that Martha has some tasty-looking snacks, of course.

Back to it, we're snowshoeing a little for Habitat so we can keep build build building affordable housing in our community. If you would like to donate a little cash to our winter romp-a-bout at the Pine Bush Preserve, you can:

  1. Shoot me an email at christine[at]unspeakablevisions.com and we'll arrange a sketchy money exchange, or if you trust the USPS you can send it to me via snail mail.

  2. Invite me out for drinks, dinner, coffee or dessert and give me the money then.

  3. I was going to suggest that you just wire me the money via PayPal and then I'd write a lump sum check to Habitat, but that is really the sketchiest idea I could have come up with. Reeks of corruption even though, clearly, I'm no Madoff.

  4. If you want to bypass me and my snowshoes altogether, you could always send some moolah straight to the source: Capital District Habitat for Humanity.

And if you are a heartless, cold bastard only interested in the wildly exciting trials and tribulations of this blogger and also are into her exquisite handcrafted goods, just stay tuned.

ps- Maybe I'll snowshoe you all another heart, if you'd like. All y'all.

pps- My Spell Check didn't get the word "moolah" and instead suggested moorland, Motorola, molar and moonwalk. I imagine Habitat wouldn't be too happy with a bunch of donated molars, but they might take a Motorala if you have one to spare.

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