03 February 2009

bell peppers

Back on our NYC mission for fabric, Mexican food and cupcakes, a pal bought some bell pepper fabric because, ya know, why not? Said pal sent me back north with the bell pepper fabric and a subtle suggestion that it would make a really nice apron for her. And I couldn't argue with that observation. So I forgot about the fabric for awhile, in the midst of frenzied sewing and crocheting and then holiday baking. Around late November I whipped up a full apron with the fabric. Then last week, I finally mailed it. Yeah, C- for timeliness.

Also, the pal sent me back with fabric to make napkins... but um, yeah she sews (she QUILTS even) and she has a neglected blog and for the sake of her dear readers I washed and dried her napkin fabric and then kindly sent it RIGHT BACK TO HER with directions on making napkins. So now she is accountable to the World Wide Web and she damn well better make some freakin' napkins soon.

That's all. Fiona liked the apron too, but she doesn't cook much. No arms.

1 comment:

  1. hmm, that is the coolest apron i've ever seen! of course, it is a little blow to my ego how nice it looks on perfectly curved fiona. . . and message received loud and clear. i'll get working on those napkins. eventually. . .


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