09 February 2009

silhouettes are for lovers

Or for yourself. Or your BFF. Or you can make silhouettes for your grandkiddos. Really, make a silhouette of your puppy for all I care!
  1. Take profile photos of your + your homie (or you + your pet chimp or whoever). In an effort to be clandestine, I scoured pre-existing pictures and happened to stumble upon a good profile pic of the boy without him knowing. A light colored background will yield the best results-- use flash if necessary to get sharp feature outlines.

  2. Enlarge the pictures on your computer (or using a copier) and print.

  3. Taped each photo to the top of a piece of heavy cardstock and cut out the silhouettes using an Exacto knife--careful now! Try to capture every detail you can-- even a stray hair here and there will help make the silhouettes realistic and not like some generic shadow figures. Once they are cut out, clean up any rough edges with your Exacto knife.

  4. Using a glue stick, attach the silhouettes to your chosen background-- I used two 8 x 10 pieces of scrapbooking paper.

  5. To finish off, frame your cute new shadow buddies as you like!
Unframed, the project cost about $3. There's still plenty o' time to make one for you Valentine! If you wanted to get really creative, you could decoupage your silhouettes to a jewelry box or some other little trinket, or you could print them out on fabric and sew up a mini Valentine's quilt. In which case, you would be a classic overachiever. Probably trying to make up for some past relationship wrongdoing.


  1. that is too cool! you are just way to creative for your own good. although i may have to steal that idea sometime. . .

  2. ah thank you kindly, go ahead and steal it whenever! i stole it from a few different people and then simplified it, ha.


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