15 February 2009

simple + easy

After remembering past Valentine's Days spent in overcrowded restaurants with pushy waiters and couples breaking up and sub-par food and super sub-par atmosphere, we decided against going out to eat this year.

And since we can often be found cooking up elaborate dishes and doing tons of dishes and packing up leftovers in our wee kitchen, we thought... why not do the opposite? Simple, store-bought-- nothing that would require hours in the kitchen.

So I put together a little grocery store valentine's kit:
A snub-free zone of pre-packaged goodies.

Celebrate however you want-- fancy restaurant, elaborate home-cooked meal or a box of pasta with store-bought sauce, brownies from a mix and cheap-o candy. Yum.

(I love brownies from mix so much that in all my baking endeavors, I've never once even tried to make them from scratch.)

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