26 February 2009

target envy

I was hanging out at Target on my lunch break (oh, like you've never done it...) and I was heading to check out with only a Coke Zero in hand (good girl) when I spotted THIS:

Seriously, I almost vomited with adoration. ( Is that normal?) They are way cuter in person-- almost all the dishware is made from "glossy melamine" so they are perfect for some sort of summer picnic where you sip icy lemonade and snack on mini quiches. I guess that also makes them not the most essential dining items. I mustered the willpower and kept walking, but wanted to share with you all in case you are in the mood to succumb to precious dinnerware.


  1. These items are very lovely and adorable. I would love to see them in my kitchen!Totally nice post!

  2. hey, i found your blog through m.writes, and I have to say, I totally hang out at Target all the time. They have really cute stuff there, and this is a nice find!

    anyway, look forward to reading more from you!

  3. I drool over everything in the housewares department of Target! Takes everything in my power to walk out of there without something in my hands.
    Look at me! I finally started a blog! haha Slow going, but I'm getting there!


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