27 March 2009

cookie jar is half full

Wishing you a full cookie jar & a spring-y weekend.

(Update: For the cookies, just add two very ripe mashed bananas and a cup of oatmeal to your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Delish.)


  1. i love your cookie jar. i want it. it totally out ranks my parents' cat cookie jar. and that has been my all time fav since before i was even born. in fact, i think it was the sole reason i was born. (i have a thing for cookie jars... and cookies)

  2. No Recipe? Disappointment has ruined my evening ;)

  3. Yes, cookie jars are a good reason to be born. I just discovered that there is an entire group about cookie jars on flickr. Neat-o.

    And Kate, see the non-recipe in the update!

  4. mmm yummy! Thanks for the recipe!
    I just made amazing chocolate chip cookies this weekend with a new recipe that involves pudding. If that tickles your fancy, let me know, I'll write up the recipe!

    P.S. We have a Snoopy cookie jar in which the lid is the top of his dog house and Snoopy sits on top as the handle.

  5. Pudding & chocolate chip cookies- yes please. I remember using a Snoopy slushy maker as a kid.. I don't remember who had that though, wasn't mine.


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