12 March 2009

housekeeping things

So I changed the layout of my blog. ANXIETY. I know, it's barely noticeable. Like, not a big deal at all. Basically just switched over to the narrower format that everyone in the whole world has because I was despising how my old one looked on widescreen computers... which isn't a problem on most computers but on some it just looked bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. So if you were one of the people viewing it from a widescreen and you also thought it looked nutso, fear not. After weeks of nail-biting, I've made the switch. And I'm serious, I was really fretting. Apparently I have nothing more important to worry about these days. Just my blog layout.

If you have thoughts on this, let me know. And those of you with an actual opinion about my blog layout, we should get together sometime and sweat the small stuff. Because you clearly don't have enough going on in your life.

(No but really, let me know if you hate this new look or if it looks bananas on your fancy shmancy computer.)

There may be more ridiculously subtle changes in the coming weeks. If I can conquer this mental hurdle I have with blog changes.

ps- I really hated when teachers/professors started class by saying, "OK, I have a few housekeeping things to take care of before we start," and then they would talk about upcoming events and email glitches and FAQs. I don't know why, just kind of annoyed me.

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  1. I TOTALLY know how you feel when you make small changes to your blog layout. Just the other day I was fiddling with mine, and freaked out when I changed a font color and forgot what it used to be. The thing is, no one probably notices!

    Yay for you being in the swap!


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