23 March 2009

a little spring in your step

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1. braids on glamour, 2. garance dore, 3. the sartorialist (3.7.09), 4. toast spring 09, 5. march no. 3 bird by fern animals 6. wellies from j.crew, 7. flowers in bloom greeting card set by susan himmel, 8. 5th avenue slim leg pants by ny&co, 9. toast spring 09, 10. shirt by j.crew, 11. poster children from readymade, 12. fashion checkbook clutch from amy butler's in stitches, 13. the canary dress by holly stalder, 14. beach waves hand-painted mini wedge heel by craft:tastrophe, 15. toast spring 09, 16. toast spring 09

For this spring season:
  • long necklaces, chunky necklaces, MORE necklaces
  • bright yellow
  • and turquoise!
  • slim pants
  • flowers blooming
  • scarves for the hair
  • another haircut?
  • pink lips
  • ruffles
  • muddy walks
  • rain boots
  • garden fever
  • braids
  • breezy button downs


  1. love your list of what to have for spring...
    YESS! ruffles and button downs are always a must.

  2. Now I just need the weather in NY to cooperate... it's only in the 30s right now!


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