31 March 2009

ooey gooey homemade pb, a tutorial

1. Gather the ingredients: peanuts. (Ok, you'll also need a splash of canola oil for spreadability purposes.)

2. Put peanuts in food processor. Process.

3. Keep processing. It takes awhile.

4. Add a splash of canola oil (or your favorite oil) to improve spreadability. Use your judgement on this one, I think I ended up putting 1-2 tablespoons in. Process some more.

5. Scrape & jar it.

So... jury is still out on this. The plus side of it is being to forgo all the creepy chemicals in regular commercially produced peanut butter. Is it cost effective? Well, it's no worse I guess. I believe the peanuts cost $3 and change and I used the entire container to produce this jar's worth of PB. Compared to a jar of Skippy, we're about even I think. (Maybe, I don't know PB prices off the top of my head.) Compared to a jar of commercially-produced "natural" PB it's probably cheaper. It tastes... ok. I used salted peanuts but it still isn't all that flavorful. Again, tastewise I'm guessing it's similar to the natural kind you can buy in the organics section.

I'm passing a sample off to a professional PB taster soon and will post an update with that opinion.

Cool points for this project probably outweigh efficiency/ deliciousness/ etc. points. But that's ok, because cool points are what I live for and I'm at a lifetime high of 13 points. Every last one counts.

(My Springtime Swap package is on its way to Oregon! And it is not a jar of homemade PB, don't worry.)


  1. Hooray for homemade PB. I gotta try this! With all the PB scares going on out there, it will make me feel safer to make my own, so thanks for this!

    I am excited to see all your swap fun! I am sure everyone's stuff will be great!

  2. You have earned so many more cool points than you can even imagine; some may say I'm prejudiced, but I think not. Back in the day I think we added honey on top of the PB for a sandwich...or bananas.... :)

  3. Mom: Mmmmmm a PB & banana sandwich. Or a perennial favorite: just a spoonful of PB straight from the jar.

    Dionne: The salmonella scares-- I didn't even think of those! I'll add it to the "pro" side of making your own PB.

  4. I never thought about how easy it would be to make!

    I used to eat PB and onion sandwiches all the time! If you really like onions, it's great!

  5. I was looking for bacon-themed recipes ideas here, when I stumbled upon this site, which struck me as the Go Fug Yourself of the crafty-cooky world. Which made me think of you. You know. In a nice way.

  6. oh my, i just love this. am completely inspired. so simple, why am i paying two bucks for jif?? yay for pb.


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