24 March 2009

sight for sore eyes

There are still a few magazines and catalogues left that I love finding in my mailbox, here's hoping they stick around.

Between them and my Google Reader subscriptions, I've got more than enough eye candy for awhile. Though I do have my eye on Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. Have you seen it? I flipped through it this weekend and it's most gorgeous. The kind of book that yeah it has creative projects, clear instructions, yadda yadda but you also sort of want to make your life look like the pages. Ya know? Plus, everyone in the world is saying how great it is. So I must have it.

Ok, probably everyone knows this already but now that the Craft: Magazine print edition has gone bust (RIP), you can access a digital version of the magazine for FREE. Woop woop. Even the archives. You flip right through it like a magazine and can print out what you want. So in addition to the Craft: Blog, you can get the magazine and all its wonderous instructions for making LED Hula Hoops and Fancy Cocktail Hats. Plus I found an article all about casseroles. Freebie goodness.

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