13 April 2009

easter tradition of sorts

Right after uploading this photo, I checked back on my past two Easter posts (here and here) and realized that I was basically uploading the exact same photo of dyed easter eggs every single year. How predictable. And yet... I can't convince myself not to do it again this year. I also mentioned Cadbury mini-eggs in both posts, and most posts in between. It's kinda like... get a life, Christine.

But, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

I had a nice Easter and apparently the only way I can properly convey that to you readers is by posting a picture of colored Easter eggs. So here it is.

(A Berkshire brunch rundown on flickr + some eye-candy for those of you who like houseboat pictures from the 70s. Which I'm guessing, is all of you because that seems like a pretty common interest.)

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  1. Hey, my grandparents have a houseboat. We should take it for a spin sometime. Dee


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