24 April 2009

get out your short shorts

The impending glory that will be this weekend's sunny weather in the 70s & 80s has gotten me looking forward to hikes in the Adirondacks, grilling in the park, sundresses, running by the river and tending to our little windowsill garden.

I'm signing off for a wonderful NY weekend (including the first 5K of the season tonight) and then a short trip to our nation's capital. Be back Thursday. Enjoy the sunshine, lovelies!

(Photo: Marcy Dam, August 2008)


  1. wait a second. . . you're going to dc and NOT stopping in delaware??? that's just blasphemy!

  2. It's out of my control! I'll explain later :)

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  4. Have fun on your little getaway. I wish I could go on vacation!


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