22 April 2009

happy earth day

Want a little Earth Day smile? Check out this video and wait until around the 2 minute mark. That's exactly what I look like when easing myself into a cool swimming pool or body of water.
Or I mean, if you are more into ridiculously cool shots of shark attacks (not on humans) then you can just watch this video instead. The crazy parts come around the 1:25 and 2:10 marks.

And then head over to la shoparella for a reusable lunch bag. Mother Earth would want you to.

(Sorry for the Big Foot-esque picture of the baboons up there, it's the best I could grab from the video.)


  1. That shark video is terrifying. I remember seeing it for the first time and thinking, "Lakes will do just fine from now on."

  2. first video cracked me up...nice comparison. shark video...YIKES.


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