14 April 2009

new in the shop

Watch the shop this week for a few new demi-aprons, perfect for all your springtime soirees!


  1. What fun prints! Nice and springy - love them.

  2. Christine,

    One: cool aprons. I'll have to show Eliz and see if I can get her to, defacto, bake for me.

    Two: Do you play the cello??! If you do I have volumes of questions to ask you-I always wanted to learn how to play.

    This is Ben Katagiri too...in case my nonspecific title "Ben" didn't bring me to mind.

  3. so pretty! i LOVE this leaf fabric.

  4. Thanks for the apron love!

    Ben, I don't play the cello... the boy picked up this used one when he used to work at a music shop and he dabbles with it. May be able to answer some of your volumes of questions. Every once and awhile when he's not home I give it a little try. Basically sounds like death.

  5. Sounds like death? Well, I don't know how you get that thing to sound like Fran Drescher, but I'm unexpectedly impressed...

    I would like to pick his brain if I ever meet him. I mostly want to know cost and quality of instruments, but also some theory stuff since I BRIEFLY dabbled in violin.

    Hope you are well and stitching away.


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