03 April 2009

springtime swap, received

My Springtime Swap package arrived yesterday! Perfect timing too, we were enjoying a quintessential spring day yesterday complete with sunshine and temps in the mid 60s. I'm the lucky recipient of a lovely stationery set from Cee-- handcrafted cards, tags and a pen to make even the simplest of notes a little more special. I'm especially loving the anytime cards she included & her suggestions for them.. so sweet!

Huzzah. More pictures on flickr. Thanks Cee!

(Update: You can see what I included in my swap package here.)


  1. Hello there, friend. Thank you SO much for the lovely package. I received it today to much delight. It totally warmed my heart.

    To answer your question about whether or not I have an online shop...not yet. I'm working on it though and hope to launch something this summer. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the encouragement!

    Best wishes from the West coast!

  2. Oh how lovely! What a great gift! I will post up a link to this once I get everyone's links.


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