27 May 2009

metallic silk mini, covet

I want this skirt. Will probably just try to make a knock-off. Don't tell.

(It was $78 from J. Crew and I was all... yeah freakin' right. I just checked and they have certain sizes/colors on sale for $19.99. Not the size/color combo I'd like, but maybe you should check it out and buy one for yourself if it fits. So at least SOMEONE can enjoy this sassy little number.)


  1. Oh how I love the trend of disgustingly small amounts of fabric for outrageous prices. Bathing suits, too, they are winners of that award.
    Seems like a knock-off would be easy enough to replicate, especially with your skillz!

    By the way:
    -- yours for the taking! I have a million little lettuces lining my porch right now, you are welcome to all you want!

  2. What a wonderful skirt. It will surely knock off guys.


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