13 May 2009


I think we're dealing with another case of alien abduction, chief. Tiny, vulnerable seedlings disappear from a third floor windowsill? Not a trace of them on the street below? No sign of forced entry? Aliens, man.

(Oh but all is well-- we are a resilient duo. We adopted some seedlings from our local farmers market and are watching them carefully. My nan suggested that I make a missing plant poster and I couldn't resist.)


  1. What??? That is bizarre! Seriously, stolen? Someone was dying for some seedlings!
    I have tooooons of lettuce I need to thin soon anyway, if you want some, let me know, it's a good red and green lettuce mix. I also have an abundance of sweet marjoram and possible thyme so you're welcome to some!

  2. I...um...heard some rumors...someone wants to open a cafe/sandwich shop around the corner...silhouette in the shadows...no one I could identify in a lineup...sorry

  3. JGE- Might take you up that lettuce. Plus then it's an excuse to hang out like back in Green Meadow?

    Mom- I KNEW IT WAS THIEVERY! Some sneaky entrepreneur was lurking around just waiting for fresh locally grown veggies. It's a tough town.

    (OK in all seriousness, we're 99.99% certain our lightweight seedlings blew off the windowsill during a windstorm. And then proceeded to blow so far out of sight that there were no remains.)

  4. First thought: Biz-zare

    Second: How could the wind have left no trace?

    Third; yesterday's wind storm was so violent, the wind managed to set of the fire alarm?? wtf?

    anyhoo, saw this and thought of you ;)


  5. Birds eat seedlings! When they're babies you have to cut off the bottom of a clear 1 liter soda bottle, poke some holes in the top and cover them until they get bigger...My mom used to do that with her strawberry plants when we had a little herb garden on the side of our house.

  6. Absoutely, let me know! I'll be thinning them soon so I'll stash some away.
    Ah yes, GM stylie in order!


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