19 May 2009

over there, in the sidebar

Forgive me, I haven't formally introduced the newest member of my sidebar: my tumblr page. It's been there for weeks (months?) and I keep forgetting to mention it, meaning that those of you who follow through Google Reader or some other subscription service and those of you who have lacking observational skills may not have noticed it.
Right over there in the sidebar, underneath the Etsy stuff and above the Flickr stuff (and no, I don't Twitter) there is a little badge called "my (almost) daily finds, bookmarks and inspiration from around the web". Give it a click and it will bring you to a scrapbook, hodgepodge mess of crap that I've notice and smiled at and bookmarked. There's not a lot of coherence, it's just a place for me to save neat-o things I stumble across. Some articles, lots of pictures and a video or two. So if you are interested in what interests me on the Internets, check it. Even when I'm lapsing as a blogger, I usually stick stuff over there rather frequently.

And now back to your normal programming.

PS- If this is all just way too much for you, if you are dying to go back to the good ol' days of One Gal, One Blog... then ignore this post. As a reminder though, everything you could ever need is neatly gathered at The Official Website. So whenever you are ready to step out of the dark ages and embrace the overwhelming, unnecessary and ridiculous amount of "social media" innovations, we'll be here.

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