14 May 2009

thx craft

I am easily suckered into completing surveys when there is the potential to win something. Which no one EVER wins. I always assumed that survey folks were lying. Because how would anyone know if there was ever a random winner? You wouldn't.

But heyyyy apparently I filled out some survey for Craft: and I was the random winner and so they sent me a t-shirt that ACTUALLY FITS. So I don't have to relegate it to Sleep Wear/Sick Days/Corner of Closet. Woop woop. Thanks Craft:, "ur da bomb".

And no, I don't know why I make that face in self-portraits either. Guess I want to convey how pleasantly surprised I was. And you also get a glimpse of another hair cut that I didn't fess up to yet. Welp, it's out in the open now.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the hair! even marcus said it was cute, and boys never care! plus i think you were just practicing your best pose for tyra in the self portrait


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