18 May 2009

a well-oiled machine

Before I start, I would ask that all hecklers and sewing machine maintenance enthusiasts try to restrain themselves during the following tour. No judgments.

I cleaned my sewing machine this weekend. For the first time. I thought I had cleaned and dusted and oiled it up before, but it turns out I had only hit the tip of the iceberg. This weekend I realized there were way more parts I could disassemble and thus way more crevices to be cleaned.

An example:

Can you see all of that grittiness? Nastiness? General filth and years of neglect piled up down there? It's really sad. And maybe a bit criminal.

Here it is, in all it's lint-y glory.

Yup, and that was an entire needle stuck down there too. A needle that shortly after this photo was taken, was stuck firmly in my pointer finger.

In sum, I implore you to clean out your sewing machine now. And probably once a week or so hereafter. It's not hard, it's kind of satisfying in some way and I'm sure you manual tells you how to do it. Put a drop of oil in too, for good measure.


  1. not only am i impressed with your cleaning of your machine, but i'm drooling over your pictures with your sexy new camera. ;)

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  3. Thanks for posting this! I had just done cleaning my brother xl2600i too. Now, I should really need to do this often though :)

    Thanks much,

    Dorothy Parker

  4. Hi Dorothy. Can you instruct me how to remove all the screws and metal from xl2600i? I don't know how. :(

    I love my Brother xl2600i!


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