25 June 2009

magazines, a personal history

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In the beginning of my magazine reading life, there was Highlights. Finding hidden pictures, etc. No doubt it was slipped into my reading pile as part our summer enrichment activities (which was just a fancy name my mom used to fool us into doing homework during the summer in hopes of fostering a lifelong "love of learning"... sneaky, but effective).

Then came the Teen Beat/Tiger Beat phase, which probably lasted longer than it should have. JTT (come on!), Devon, Leo, the Lawrence Brothers and a few certain boy bands that I refuse to blog about.

Onwards to Seventeen, YM and the like. Not much in those magazines, so not much to say here.

I won't pretend that I don't pick up a Glamour or Cosmo every once and awhile, usually alongside a purchase of nail polish, self-tanner, Riesens, hair product or all of the above. At-home spa days, you know. But for the sake of chronology, let's leave them behind in the 2002-2006 period of my life.

Here's where things start to get lame. Women's Health isn't so bad though. Healthfulness. The first tends to get repetitive each issue and the contradictory to the point where I'm not sure WHICH workout to follow for a beach ready bod in six weeks and whether or not I should drink red wine or coffee or cut out caffeine or take multivitamins or abandon them.

On then to Yoga Journal, which is great and has been uncanny in its timeliness of answering my internal questions ("WTF is Warrior III and how the hell do I do it?" Answered in the next issue. "My allergies are kicking the crap out of me!" And it's talked about in the next issue. And so forth. "I wish my calves were more stretchy and flexible." Enter an article all about stretching.)
I've written about The Economist before.
We know about Blueprint (and Domino). And now I should admit that I've just fallen full force into Martha Stewart Living. I've only ever bought two issues of it, but that's probably just because by the time I'm finished waiting in line at the store I've already scoured it cover to cover. And this, my friends, is lame. Right? I mean, Martha? Should be making fun (and omg do yourself a favor and click the link, watch the video). But instead I'm secretly harboring dreams of becoming a food photographer. Blergh.


  1. what do you mean NOT MCUH IN THOSE?!?!?!?! um, hello, most embarassing moments?!

  2. So true, so true. Those were horrifyingly embarassing, if I do remember.


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