11 June 2009

on shoes and neuroses

At our weekly dinner, the gals & I were discussing high heels. None of us wear heels with any regularity but we love the idea and look of them. For me, a few factors discourage heel-wearing:
  1. Comfort. The most comfortable heels are nowhere close to being as comfy as the shoes pictured above.
  2. Self-consciousness. I feel kind of crazy in heels and I imagine everyone is looking at me thinking, "Poor thing. She doesn't wear heels much and now she walking funny and is on the verge of tipping over."
  3. Efficiency. I'm usually running late for something, so I need to be able to scoot around fast and without fear.
  4. Laziness. I don't know... I've got a few pairs of cute flats and a pair of moccasins that I rotate in with good frequency, but in the winter I usually throw on the Earth shoes (unless boots are required), in the spring and fall I've been throwing on the Keens, summer weekends I break out the Birks and duh for my runs I rock the Asics.
Heel-wearers, how do you do it? Tell me your secrets. In theory I KNOW that heels make your legs look longer and leaner and meaner and fiercer, etc. etc. and we can all agree that the illusion of longer legs wouldn't be the most disastrous thing for me... but in practice I just can't get myself to wear 'em. But I secretly love them.

(Is it weird that after I took this picture, I started to worry that it wasn't the most accurate representation of my shoe collection and that maybe I should take pictures of all of my boring shoes to prove that I'm not actually as lazy as I pretend to be with my shoe choices. The only reason I didn't do this is because I was running late. Aha! And needed practical shoes to run out the door. Full circle.)


  1. start low. right now, i'm wearing a 1" heel (wedge-ish) that have the look and feel of flats, which is key when i'm trying to sneak up on senator espada and grab that little key right out his hand.

    also, so you don't look "funny and on the verge of tipping over" (haha, i been there) use the muscles on the outsides of your buns. (i felt a lil silly saying that.)

    it might have helped that i spent most of my childhood, adolescense and college life on my toes... happy heel-wearing!

  2. outsides of my buns... i'll remember that, haha. thanks for the advice.

    and yes, please take a walk down to the capitol and straighten things out there. kick 'em with your high heels. xoxo, new york state.

  3. mmm the heels. I wear them often as well. Us shorties, we gotta do what we gotta do.
    - One tip I have is start with closed toe heels. Your foot will slip and slide a lot less as you're "training" your legs to walk correctly.
    - Walk heel to toe. Sounds obvious but the amount of people I see walking in heels that just look foolish are trying too hard to compensate for the heel.

    Though I agree with all your points: comfort is all relative. There are heels out there that are comfy, the trouble is you can't wear them around the store for eight hours to try them out. Efficiency should help itself out once you get practice wearing them. Laziness, yeah I hear ya, the number of times I start out the morning with good intentions of wearing nice heels and then end up in flats (or even sneakers) are numerous. I try to get my outfit together the night before so I know how good it looks together, that helps in not falling for the flats.

    Go out and get yourself an sweet ass pair of heels, low ones to start. You'll love them so much you won't have to fight yourself to wear them!


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