16 June 2009

weekend sewing workshop

Swoon swoon swoon.

Heather Ross, of Weekend Sewing fame, is hosting a few Weekend Sewing Workshops at Blueberry Hill Inn in Goshen, Vermont. She promises "serious social sewing, amazing gourmet eating, and a little hiking and swimming at one of the most lovely little secret forest lakes in the state." Yes, please. The cost includes two nights at the inn, all meals and access to an intriguing "famous bottomless chocolate chip cookie jar" plus the pleasure of bad-ass seamstress company. Just wanted to spread the word in case anyone is looking to double or even triple their cool points this summer.

PS- Oh yeah, and Denyse Schmidt will be a guest teacher. In case you hadn't already decided that this is the coolest-sounding event ever.

PPS- Have I talked about Weekend Sewing yet? Since everyone & their mama has posted about it, I'll let you wander around Google for the more eloquent book reviews. In sum, I'll say that it freakin' rocks. Added it to an Amazon.com order and haven't looked back (it's real cheap on there). Expect to see some projects pop up here this summer.

(Photo from Weekend by Heather Ross)

Update: It turns out I shared my desire for this book with you before, just know that I have followed through and continue to ogle its pages on a regular basis.

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