02 July 2009


I made this little checkbook cover for Mom's birthday (shout out to mama!). It's my first project from Weekend Sewing and the first completed project on my Husky. The book recommends treating the fabric with water-resistant spray or something similar-- I had iron-on vinyl laying around so I attached it to the exterior panel and interior pockets. Because things can get kinda gunky at the bottom of a purse (right? it's not just me, is it?). I used a heavy weight cotton print for the outside and lined it with a natural tan cotton.

Good directions, simple little project and a small part of the birthday celebration.

A sidenote: I used to think that writing checks was the most adult, grown-up thing a person could do. I would practice writing them out all the time. I can't remember the age (maybe middle school?), but I also made myself a fake I.D., hand drawn and "laminated" in plastic wrap.

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