16 July 2009

photos are all up

Ok just an FYI, all the vacation photos are now up over at flickr. Well, at least a sample that I deemed small enough to hold your attention. The extended 3.5 hour slideshow is available upon request.
Not really.


  1. Wow it looks like you guys had a fantastic trip! It looks like the weather was beautiful! (at least on picture days!)
    Rock on to your Boilermaker record! 15K...that is bad-ass! I can barely get through a 5K!

    BTW I LOVE Long Trail especially that yummy Belgian White and the Hefeweizen...and Blackberry Wheat...yeah you get the picture. I am jealous you got to see where it's made (and I'm sure sample a few!)
    We should enjoy a 6-pack or 2 soon.

  2. I've got some of our souvenir case left... sounds like a summer potluck + mini-beer fest is needed.


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