17 July 2009

the purse/bag/wallet solution

This project had been in my sewing queue since I first bought Amy Butler's In Stitches a few years ago. The sweet and perfect and organized Fashion Checkbook Clutch. During the day I carry all sorts of shit around in a huge bag. At night, I do not need such garbage with me. But I don't just want to grab my wallet because then I also want my phone and some Burt's Bees and maybe something else and I don't want to bulk up my pockets. So then I end up having to switch over these important things to another, smaller purse and then switch back the next morning, invariably forgetting to transfer something of the utmost necessity. Blast.
But now with this ingenious and a tad-bit-oversized wallety-clutch with ruffles, I can just throw 'er in my monster daytime bag and then take 'er solo for the evening. Without so much as a single precarious transfer of chapstick, Tide pens or dinero. Problem solved. (A full diagram of the inside is right here.)

Oh you coy minx.

Technical notes:
I made this bag 2-3 times before getting to the final product. I used my stitch ripper almost as much as my sewing machine. To be fair to the pattern, I started this month's ago on my old machine, forgot about it, came back to it on my new machine and then got pretty loose with following directions. Nearly every stitch I made I ended up ripping out and re-doing. Just one of those projects I guess. Since I finished this almost two weeks ago (as the boy was packing the car for our vacay), I'm having a hard time remembering all of the specific notes I made to the pattern-- if anyone is thinking about making this, shoot me an email first and I'll try to muster up some wisdom because there were definitely tricky parts that could use a smidge of clarification.

Update: Oh and this little number is made from Lotta Jansdotter's Kantra fabric, a screen-printed 100% linen that was a freakin' sweet bday gift from an astute doctor-to-be. Now my purse will match my craft apron that I apparently never blogged about but posted a picture of here.


  1. i LOVE it!!!! seriously, when can i have one?

    ps- i am also LOVING you hair!

    there's love all around, can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

  2. feelin' the love, thank you!

    this was a bastard of a pattern but it turned out pretty well, right? only took a few months...

    see you soon!


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