13 July 2009

what i did on my summer vacation

First things first. Our unofficial food, beer and biking road trip through the Green Mountain State was a hit. I'll be adding a few photos & stories to flickr throughout this week so if you're the type of person who likes to watch slideshows of people's summer vacations, get ready for some fun.
And we also took care of that little 15K run. The boy & the freckled one & I have run it twice before, in extreme heat and humidity and sweaty nastiness. This year, though, it was cool and breezy and almost-delightful. If you forget the whole running part.

No but seriously, it rocked and I ran it 13 minutes faster than the last time. 13 WHOLE MINUTES. That doesn't even really make sense, does it? I'm thinking it was a perfect storm of 1) the aforementioned weather, 2) having a speedy running partner to chase down, 3) actually being in shape (who would have thought that this mattered?), and 4) being well-rested and full of good food and drink from vacation?

Also, previous numbers suggest that I may actually have crawled through my first two Boilermaker attempts.
So in conclusion: VT is pretty. I am getting faster. Summer is good.

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