07 August 2009

farmer's market shorts

So I'm pretty excited about wheeling out some of my goodies and hanging out in Troy tomorrow. Partly because I think anything so close to the Troy Farmers Market must be pretty boss, partly because I've got this inventory surplus here leftover from an abandoned early summer show and partly because I will definitely perhaps maybe probably wear my newly appointed Farmer's Market Shorts there.
(Isn't my stance here kind of funny? Looks like I've got the Bow Leg. Also maybe the Pigeon Toe, if you could see my feet. Ah, lovely.)

A few weeks ago I scored a pair of jeans on super-clearance at an already discounted thrifty consignment shop. For $2. They cost less than the Buffalo Chicken Wrap I intend to to eat tonight. They had crazy flared bottoms that were hyper-"distressed" aka splattered with bleach and purposefully wrinkled with an industrial iron. And, of course, about a foot too long for me. I promptly cut them off a few inches above the knee and have been in love ever since.

And they are perfect for a few hours at an outdoor market.

1 comment:

  1. you're right, they are perfect.

    ps- so are your shoes.


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