10 August 2009

i know hot dogs are gross, but...

Here's something you don't see a lot of on here. A meat-topped meat dinner entree.

Well we may roast our veggie kebabs and prance around with pounds of tomatoes and squash and eggplant but every once and awhile we like to indulge in some meaty, fleshy foods. Like this here Michigan.

I had never heard of a Michigan before the boy so kindly introduced me (come on folks, the FOOD not the STATE-- obviously I know Michigan the State and can also list through the 49 others in alphabetical order thanks to a particularly irksome song we had to sing in middle school (anyone know the tune? bonus points if you do)).

According to its Wikipedia page (so it must be true):

"a Michigan hot dog or, 'Michigan', is a steamed hot dog on a steamed bun topped with a meaty sauce, generally referred to as 'Michigan Sauce'... [they] can be served with or without chopped onions. If served with onions, the onions can either be buried under the sauce, under the hotdog itself, or sprinkled on top... Michigans are a particular favorite in the North County of New York State, and have been so for many decades."

So there you have it. A hot dog with a meaty sauce. Meat-topped mystery meat. Breakfast of champions. As Michigan sauce recipes are highly guarded and also seeing as we used a spice mix purchased in the aforementioned North Country of New York State that does not list individual ingredients, I'm not really qualified to provide a recipe. But trust that they are hot doggy, meaty goodness that you only slightly regret eating afterward but that you feel pretty wrong about eating two days in a row. Trust.

(I'm working through a bit of a backlog on flickr updates this week. Stay tuned for a Troy market recap tomorrow and an Etsy update announcement later this week.)


  1. I've liked "Michigans" ever since I lived in far upstate NY, many moons ago.

  2. I've lived in Michigan my whole life and never heard of a "Michigan." Maybe it's like a Boston Cooler? I just found out last year that those originated in Detroit and have nothing to do with the city of Boston.


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