03 August 2009

troy market, this saturday

Welcome to the land of plenty.

Visit us IN PERSON (Live! Unplugged! Like You've Never Seen Before!) this Saturday, August 8 at the Tight Knit! Market Saturday in downtown Troy, New York. We'll be hawking our wares from 10am-2pm alongside all sorts of coolsters including the food growers of the Troy Farmer's Market. More details are available, of course, over at the website.

PS- I should mention that we'll have some goods you've never even seen before-- you'll have to stop by to view for yourself! Also expect a long overdue Etsy update in the coming weeks.


  1. wish i could make it :( i'll be throwing a bachelorette party that day.

    you'll blog about your table, yes?

  2. Sounds like a cool, earthy event - have fun!


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