31 August 2009

we can't let them win

There's no way to make this look pretty.

But we needed some plastic bag storage ASAP as they were threatening to overtake our wee kitchen (so sometimes we forget our reusable bags because we're not perfect, ok?!). A scrap of crazy (ugly?) green fabric from the stash and a few minutes later yielded this handy-dandy back-o'-the-door plastic-bag-holder.

The picture sucks. But our under-sink area is much more tolerable, so I'll take it.

By the way, I LOVE using up stash fabric. It's like using up random or almost-old ingredients in a smorgasbord dinner... like finally finishing a jar of tomato sauce, or half of a bell pepper or like some weird condiment you bought on a whim one time. Use. It. Up.


  1. I have a solution to your bag problem: throw some of 'em out!

  2. I use an empty Kleenex box or two as a space-saving plastic bag dispenser. It works great!


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