10 September 2009


Last week during a Grilled Veggie Sandwich Picnic in the Park and Then On the Stoop with the Pale Gardener and the boys, we discovered that we can buzz people into our apartment. AFTER LIVING THERE FOR OVER A YEAR. And after testing what did appear to be a buzzer numerous times because the idea of saving ourselves a few trips up and down those stairs was very enticing. But alas, it never worked for us so we gave up on the idea and have since spent 14+ months walking down to meet every single guest and walking back up with them. Which is polite, but tiring.

As I said, we were finishing up some delicious corn on the cob when a guest of our neighbor's approached the door, rang their doorbell and then was BUZZED IN. Obviously, we immediately ran up the stairs to try OUR buzzer-- lo and behold, it worked! Magic.

This discovery has brought me immense, immense joy. I didn't think our 19th century brownstone was capable of such wonders.

That's all. Have a nice weekend. I'll be with Mom & Sister for a girls weekend. Hurrah.


  1. Hey Crzskstine,

    Shoot me an e-mail when you have a chance . . . I lost your contact info when I went to new computer. I have possible bidness lead for you.


  2. I am so glad I was a part of this holy revelation.
    I think I saw Jesus come out that door after the buzzer went off. He may have cut his hair and trimmed his beard, though.


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