09 September 2009

"i'm not a fan of the heat" (get it?)

("Electric Fan by Torcan" via RetroReality)

We made it through this summer of 2009 with no air conditioner, in our modest-sized 3rd floor apartment with only western facing windows and no real cross-breezes. That this summer was one of the coolest ever on record for New York State probably helped, but there were definitely a few muggy evenings during which it would have been nice to have some artificially chilly air being created.

A lesson learned though: Our little room, the one that houses my sewing machine, is far too cramped & sweaty for me to want to spend any significant time in there during the summer. No thanks.

("Vintage 1950s Office Fan" via bittersweetdesign)

Now I understand why the powers that be declared September as National Sewing Month. Because it marks a return to non-sweaty, non-muggy, non-smelly sewing. Which, coincidentally, is my favorite type of sewing.

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