23 September 2009

seven deadly zins

I've been tagged by the incomparable Pale Gardener for a bit of truth or dare, minus the dare (which I never use to do anyway, because as a general rule I avoid risk-taking and public humiliation).

Seven (7) Things You May or May Not Know About Me
  1. I won't sleep with my closet door open. I think this is actually a recent development, as I don't remember any closet-related childhood traumas. It just bothers me when the door is wide open and the mess is on display. Plus, the monsters.
  2. I'm running a half marathon in a few weeks. I ran one before with the freckled doctor a few (5) years back. I ran that one really slowly, so I'm thinking I'll go ahead and run this one a little faster. The last few miles of it are on the bike path I've been running on for years and I'm envisioning getting choked up/feeling victorious and nostalgic/humming the Rocky theme in my head as I head toward the finish. Then I would like to have some chocolate milk and maybe some Mexican food. (This also means that for the past many Sundays I've been spending a few solitary hours on long runs that could arguably better be spent sleeping, reading or catching up on past seasons of LOST (see brooding man, below.)
  3. I bought my first car from my great aunt for a dollar. She lives in Sacramento so my dad and I flew out on Easter weekend when I was 16. We then drove it back home to New York, just narrowly missing a series of blizzards, tornadoes and floods.
  4. The boy and I have basically the same first name. People sometimes ask us if we planned it and I pretend to be annoyed by the question, but secretly I am a little tickled by the idea that we could have started going steady many moon ago just because we have almost the same name. That would be ridiculous. But I guess no more ridiculous than a lot of other reasons people fancy one another.
  5. The past few times I've made chocolate chip cookies... I've... used a mix. Geh, it's so shameful but those little Betty Crocker pouches really do make a nice cookie.
  6. I played the trumpet in high school and I always thought that I would study music in college and make it a career. But then I realized, nah I really like reading the newspaper so I majored in Political Science instead and then went on for a Masters degree in Public Policy. I miss the trumpet but I really hated the ring the mouthpiece left on my lips.
  7. Whenever I get two celebrities mixed up, I scour the internet for pictures and then make a comparison collage to prove that it was an easy mistake to make.
I'm not sure if there are any blogging peeps out there that will participate in this. I admit, I also used to pass on such opportunities when they arrived in my 10th grade AOL inbox (anyone still have AOL? Raise your hand). Please feel free to play along on your blog, in the comments below or on your band's MySpace page. Tweet it out if you need to.

(By the way, the title of this post comes from the very clever name of a brand of old vine zinfandel... 7 Deadly Zins... isn't it hysterical? Yes, yes it is.)


  1. Although we did narrowly miss the blizzards, tornadoes and floods we did not miss the giant tumbleweed that attacked us on I-80 in Utah. Where the hell did that come from! And with regards to statement #1 the closet door at 26 is always closed at night.......

  2. True, we did survive the tumbleweed attack.

    Nan just wrote me and said that she has had monsters in her closet since childhood. Must be a genetic thing.

  3. The last one you wrote about celebrity pictures makes me laugh. How alike do Ralph and Liam look?!


    Glad I got the chance to stop by:)

  4. Props to you for having the willpower to run over LOST, that's a tough one!

    Oh how I miss the days of the trumpet ring myself. Too bad we never had the chance to rock that bro. Mr. Hammy really should market one of those for the trumpet, they can get so, so heavy.

    BTW, I will prove the mohawk. Give me some time to dig up the juicy evidence.


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