17 September 2009

shake shake shake

Newest obsession: Poladroids. I've been itching to use this fun little tool for awhile but only just got around to downloading it. Download, install and play. You can make any photo you'd like into a Polaroid-esque image and I really freakin' love that, especially since Polaroid has ceased production of instant film (but the kiddos over at The Impossible Project are looking to change that). But from now on, expect that I will be using my fancy schmancy new camera to make pictures that look like they are from a 15 year old plastic instant camera. Logical.

(See also: Save Polaroid.)

1 comment:

  1. This is my excuse for being such a pack-rat. Everything comes back into style eventually!

    What a neat site! I should break out my parent's old polaroid, get that thing shootin' some pictures while it still can!


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