03 September 2009

so is it over then?

I know, I shouldn't even say it out loud but this weekend is Labor Day... which I usually think of as the unofficial end of summer. Sorry, but it basically is, right?

Here in the homeland we had a few hot days in April followed by a mainly cool and rainy June and July. August saw less rain, I think, and then a few weeks of summer and then finished out with lovely, but not so summery, mid-70s temps and cool mornings.

I think even with the "eh" summer weather, I've managed to check off the mandatory summer to-dos: lounge by a lake, take a road-trip vacay, ran a lot, camped in the woods and made cut-off shorts. Not a bad season.

Ok so have a nice Labor Day weekend. I hope to be catching a few last freckles and otherwise completely enjoying myself.

(Photo: Lake Champlain, July 2009)

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