12 October 2009

13.1 miles of spandex, gatorade & fall foliage

In case you were wondering...
The half marathon went perfectly.
(It appears that my eyes are closed in this picture.
Whatever, it was at approximately mile 12.8 and I was happy.)

It was cold and foliage-y and went by quickly, which is how I like my 13.1 mile runs. I mean, a starting temp of 39 degrees was a littttttle colder than necessary but ok fine. My cheering squads were just where I needed them to be and no one yelled horrible things like, "You're almost there!" at mile 4. There were no aches or pains or internal mental battles. Just coasting along. My stomach was on its best behavior too. (Side note: Did you know that Jelly Belly makes sport energy things? They're called Sport Beans, check into them.) I "soared" past another runner in the finishing chute. And speaking of finishing, I went ahead and did that 5 minutes earlier than I expected (ahem, 2 hrs 10 min 19 sec). No biggie. Yes, it is the year of surpassing low expectations and bragging to the world.
Fear not, this is likely the last running post for awhile. Expect a fun little sewing-related something on Wednesday.


  1. wow, that is so awesome! you rock! congratulations! you are my hero right now, not joking :-)

  2. I echo what Sarah said! Definitely very cool!

  3. holy poo! you know who would be jealous of your time? (i can't say it publicly...) nice.


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