04 October 2009

a need for "speed"

See ya suckas.

I wasn't going to mention the 5K I did yesterday because I was looking at it as:
A) a donation to a good cause, and
B) a little training run to spice things up before next weekend's 13.1 romp

But when THIS GIRL GETS A PR, you're gonna hear about it. I usually don't even share specific times for fear that you faster assholes will get flippant on me and exclude me from your running snobfests, but I can't help it.
5K (3.1 miles)

My first mile was 9:40 due to an unpassable cluster of middle school soccer players and also just generally taking my sweet time. Sooo if you do the math it appears that my splits for the second two miles were 8:30.

Which is, how do you say, LIGHTNING FAST (for me). My previous 5K PR was 29 minutes and I think that was a fluke. My last race on this course (which was much more crowded but still) was 30:46.

Hell on wheels. Or sneakers, as the case may be.


  1. saweet!! Excellent PR!
    What race was this?
    I saw you running down Madison the other day but I didn't say hi because 1) I freak when people yell things to me when I'm running down the street, but I'm jumpy as it is, and 2) with my luck I would swerve into oncoming traffic trying to get your attention.

  2. Ah thanks I'm feeling pretty good about it. I don't really understand how people run FAST. It seems to me my legs just won't do that.

    I hope I didn't look near-death when you saw me. If I was running down Madison I was prob on my way back from a 5 miler which means there is a strong chance I did.

  3. Excellent job! I'm not a runner so what you just did-I feel like I'd huff and puff the whole time.

  4. Nice! Are you Turkey Trotting this year?

  5. P.S. You're doing a half? Love it! It's actually quite a fun distance. Is Al doing it with you? What one are you doing?

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Chels- I'd say the odds are good for Turkey Trotting this year, will you be running? Al couldn't do the half this time, with all of the med school nonsense and such. It was the Marine Corps Half Marathon, right here in town.


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