31 October 2009

a race, this time with more chainsaws & mud

Ok I know they're already up on flickr and that I promised no more running posts, but in the spirit of Halloween I couldn't resist telling you more about the most ridiculous and awesome trail run the Doc & I did last weekend.

The Hairy Gorilla Half Marathon & Squirrelly Six Mile.

We did the Squirelly Six. In a nutshell: costumed runners, costumed volunteers, a dude with a chainsaw, hairy gorillas and squirrels, lots o' mud, running through streams, beautiful views of the Helderbergs, crisp fall air, killer hills and then... and THEN... an all-you-can-eat cookout. Yes, please.
Oh, and the awards were handmade "trophies"... either a squirrel or gorilla stuffed animal sitting in a mini outhouse. Yeah. Muddy & cold & Halloween-y. Plus we got in 6 miles of trail running.

Today, I will eat candy.

And then on Monday, I'll show you all my Halloween costume.

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