10 November 2009

ankle huggers

You know you love the slightly bent left leg pose that is eerily consistent in both pictures.

I used this tutorial by Freshly Picked (found via Darling Dexter) to skinnify some jeans. Which is just perfect because I have been searching for the right pair of skinny jeans... not too sausage-y, etc. I scored my favorite pair at a consignment shop... they are Old Navy brand but apparently NOT the same as the ones actually in Old Navy. Counterintuitive. So I couldn't just buy more of them. But I had an old pair of bootcut (ok they were flared...) jeans that I loved and decided they would be perfect to tuck into my new boots. So chop chop, skinny ankle they went.

Can you even tell the difference between those pictures? I can, but maybe it's not so clear to everyone else. I took in the ankles about 2 inches.

(Also, if I've ever skinnified your jeans before (there are a few of you gals out there) I'm sorry I didn't use this tutorial. It's a better method, less seam bunching. So, go ahead and use this from now on.)


  1. I can definitely tell the difference between the pictures. And I've done this! It's so much cheaper than buying skinny jeans!

  2. Saw them in person - they are perfect!!!

  3. they look awesome. i love your pose. i do the exact same thing in pictures.


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