20 November 2009

applique, you will be mine

Remember when I said I was going to start appliqueing all the time? Lies. But I have, however, recently reignited this interest and played around with some appliqued designs for tomorrow's market. I'm in love. So crisp & clean & fun. A smidge tedious, but worth it.

So in addition to snuggly hats & classic neck cozies & the like, there will also be some applique. Mom & I will be hanging out snacking on delicious farmers' market treats and talking shop. Do stop by if you have the chance, or pencil another of the date's into your calendar. Long-distance? Shoot me an email and we'll be penpals. Or find me on Etsy.

(Keep your eyes peeled for another holiday market announcement in the next few weeks!)

1 comment:

  1. sorry i couldn't make it. i mistakenly thought it went until 3:00pm...


    can we expect a post on your day at the market?


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