24 November 2009

saturday recap, 50 words or less

This is what to look for: om tapestry, hand-stencilled banner, Fiona in her Saturday best and some snuggly sorts of goods all ready for winter. Drank some coffee, ate some breakfast pastries, chit-chatted and met people and generally lived it up.


  1. 1. i can't believe all the stuff you had! you must have been working your tail off.
    2. love the portrait of the boy. i can't believe he agreed to pose for that. that's love. unless...did you catch him off guard? did you have to crop out 'the bird'?
    3. nice job!

  2. re: boy portrait. 'tis true love. 'tis also a weapon of mass DECEPTION. because the boy has not yet been made aware that this glamor shot was displayed at the market. i even hemmed and hawed about putting it out, but then SEVERAL folks told me it was very useful in their shopping experience to see it modeled on fiona, me & also a gentleman. however the boy did "willingly" pose for this photo (guilt-tactics were employed) sometime last year so i maintain that he implicitly signed a waiver allowing its commercial use. sooo BOO YAH, boy, you just been done PROMOTED... top model style.

    also, this is a great test/validation of the fact that said boy does not check this blog. so i'm still almost completely safe, pending no social faux pas or slip-ups on the part of my loyal readers. i could post all sorts of scandal up here and they would be my little secrets.

  3. Your fans in the Berkshires really enjoy your blog!


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