08 December 2009

hot cocoa, sugar plums & a holiday market

Need to finish up some holiday shopping? Stroll on over to Winter WonderLark this weekend!
Saturday, December 12
Trinity Church
235 Lark Street
Albany, NY

Same rockin' good time as last year.

Feel free to step out at 2pm to run the 4th Annual Santa Speedo Sprint, which by the looks of things is always a good time (.5K sprint around my neighborhood in speedos & holiday flair... yes you heard correctly, a POINT 5K sprint... so like a block or something.)

And check out this recent article from The New York Times: Holiday Gifts With a Story to Tell.

“And I think what makes gifts in particular special is knowing there’s a person who made it and a story behind it. I think people want to buy things that tell stories, especially in an age when so few store-bought items tell stories.”

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