27 December 2009

this year's card

I commissioned the boy to draw this funny little reindeer for our Christmas cards (the snowflake for the back was a bonus). Isn't he the most hysterical thing? I love his expression. I was going to carve it into a rubber block stamp but the boy did that part too (so his vision wouldn't get lost, you know) and I stamped 'em up and wrote 'em out. Consider this your formal holiday card if I wasn't able to find a current address for you. Wishing you all a great and cheery holiday season.


  1. Great card. We love ours!

  2. We just love the card. We have several of “the boy’s” early designs, dating as far back as Mrs. Stack’s kindergarten class. His talents have evolved! We’re thinking (snowflake designs™) could compete with Hallmark. It was extra special that you both were able to deliver in person and spend a bit of the holiday with us.
    Thanks for everything.
    Lori & Albert.

  3. So glad you liked the card! And Lori, it was great to be able to spend some of the holidays with you this year! I love the snowflake designs pitch...


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